Posted by: Elissa Nicole | June 15, 2010

ACTHA Ride for the Rescues completed!

Just got back from our first ACTHA CTC. Blue had a long trailer ride to MD but he stepped off shiny and ready to go thanks to his Mane & Tail grooming products and his Soft-Ride boots. Our ride out time was 1:45, so we sprayed down with our Zephyr’s Garden fly spray and set off. Thanks to the girls from HSUS for cheering us on at our first obstacle before we entered the woods. It started pouring around 1:50, so we stayed nice & cool through most of our ride. The ride lasted about three hours and was very challenging. There was lots of different terrain, eight water crossings and just generally a really beautiful place to ride. The six obstacles were a lot of fun too. Upon completion of the ride, we were all very tired but Blue passed his post-ride lameness exam with flying colors, which I credit to his Grand Flex. Blue got sponged down and rubbed with his Zephyr’s Garden Sore Muscle Gel, then stocked with fresh water and hay. After some Ginger Ridge treats and a few licks of his Likit Himalayan mineral salt to replenish, he already started falling asleep. We did this ride as a one time thing to support equine rescues, so it was quite a surprise when Blue placed 5th at the awards ceremony! I didn’t really expect us to place and went into this with a non-competitive attitude, which is something rather new to us. I kind of wish we would have tried harder now, but that would have defeated the purpose of our trip. Graham Equestrian Center is located in Gunpowder Falls State Park and is open to the public year-round. We will definitely be coming back, hopefully for another CTC in fall. Kathleen did such an amazing job organizing and coordinating everything that it made it well worth the trip. It made our first organized trail ride and first CTC a wonderful experience. Both of us had one of our best times together on this ride. Blue finished out his long weekend with his favorite treat…a full-body massage 🙂



  1. That is WAY TOO CUTE!!! I thought that I pampered my Walker…Its Great to know others out there are just as much loved as mine! I am very proud of you as individuals as well as an awesome team!! Keep going!

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