Posted by: Elissa Nicole | September 9, 2010

Dressage Test

Blue and I just completed our first dressage test…and we won!  We even got three 9’s in our score, which I hear is close to impossible.  I chose to do Intro Test A because the pattern was easiest for me to remember.  And I was the only one who chose not to have my pattern called.  With WEG coming up, I didn’t want to get it mixed up with that one.  Definately going to do some harder ones next year.  Two weeks till the Games!

Also did an interview for ABC and another one for the newspaper.  More on that when I find out when they will air/publish.

Posted by: Elissa Nicole | August 2, 2010

Magazine Cover

Blue made the cover of the August issue of the Paper Horse Magazine.  Pick one up or get a preview of it on their website:

Posted by: Elissa Nicole | August 2, 2010

New Story Posted

Going Gaited Online Magazine asked me to write a story about how I met Blue and how we developed our bond.  See the story here:

Posted by: Elissa Nicole | July 23, 2010

TWHBEA & Likit

Big thanks to the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders & Exhibitors Assn. for sending me a nice jacket with Blue’s name on the honor him as an “Official WEG Representative” as stated on the front lapel.  They had a ceremony to present the WEG horses with these items a few months ago but unfortunately I was unable to attend.

Also, thank you to Likit Treats for providing us with more snacks and blocks of himilayan salt.  They make is so much easier to travel with salt and it doesn’t break up like the blocks do.  You can also hang them in the stall with the rope so you don’t need a salt block holder.

Posted by: Elissa Nicole | July 20, 2010

Photo Shoot Updates

I posted my four favorite photos from the WEG photo shoot on Blue’s Fan Page.  Here is a quick preview…

Henri did a great job.

Oh…and I still have not heard back from the people who photographed the ACTHA ride despite several emails and voicemails to them.  I’m going to assume all of their photos were bad and they refuse to address it…hopefully we will have someone else shooting for the November ride.

Posted by: Elissa Nicole | July 12, 2010

ACTHA Ride Photos Posted

Photos are up from the June 13th ACTHA Ride for the Rescues.  Unfortunately, every single one is extremely blurry or only half the horse is in the photo.  I will not be able to do the shadowbox I had been planning since none of the photos are useable.  If you still want to take a look, there are three different places.  The first is the awards photos.  Mine is pic #005. however, you may not recognize me due to the pole blocking out my entire body.  The next is the “dead fall” obstacle where we were navigating cavalettis.  We are on pg. 3, photos 097, 98 & 99.  98 is really pretty, but Blue’s legs are missing.  The last is the trail camera.  We are on pg. 4, photos 022232, 33, 34, 35 & 36.  Again, 32 & 33 are great, but so blurry you can barely tell who it even is.  Also, pg. 8, photo #02273.

Here are the direct links:


Dead Fall Obstacle:

Trail Shots:


The main site for this place is

Posted by: Elissa Nicole | July 9, 2010

Kerrits Ambassador Program

We are up on the Kerrits ambassador page…there are tons!  They didn’t list any of Blue’s accomplishments, not sure why, but you can see the odd sounding bio at

Posted by: Elissa Nicole | July 2, 2010

WEG Photo Shoot

Photos from the WEG Photo Shoot done last week in Ohio are now available.  You can go to to see all of our WEG teams individual shots and our group shot.  You can access Blue’s page directly at  Some of these photos will be those used on the marquee during our ride at the Games.  Look for some of these photos in a future issue of Horse Illustrated.

Posted by: Elissa Nicole | June 22, 2010

Kerrits Performance Riding Apparel

We just got an email from Kerrits welcoming us as an ambassador to their company!  This is great since I can’t live without my flow-rise tights.  I should be getting a packet within the next two weeks.

Posted by: Elissa Nicole | June 15, 2010

ACTHA Ride for the Rescues completed!

Just got back from our first ACTHA CTC. Blue had a long trailer ride to MD but he stepped off shiny and ready to go thanks to his Mane & Tail grooming products and his Soft-Ride boots. Our ride out time was 1:45, so we sprayed down with our Zephyr’s Garden fly spray and set off. Thanks to the girls from HSUS for cheering us on at our first obstacle before we entered the woods. It started pouring around 1:50, so we stayed nice & cool through most of our ride. The ride lasted about three hours and was very challenging. There was lots of different terrain, eight water crossings and just generally a really beautiful place to ride. The six obstacles were a lot of fun too. Upon completion of the ride, we were all very tired but Blue passed his post-ride lameness exam with flying colors, which I credit to his Grand Flex. Blue got sponged down and rubbed with his Zephyr’s Garden Sore Muscle Gel, then stocked with fresh water and hay. After some Ginger Ridge treats and a few licks of his Likit Himalayan mineral salt to replenish, he already started falling asleep. We did this ride as a one time thing to support equine rescues, so it was quite a surprise when Blue placed 5th at the awards ceremony! I didn’t really expect us to place and went into this with a non-competitive attitude, which is something rather new to us. I kind of wish we would have tried harder now, but that would have defeated the purpose of our trip. Graham Equestrian Center is located in Gunpowder Falls State Park and is open to the public year-round. We will definitely be coming back, hopefully for another CTC in fall. Kathleen did such an amazing job organizing and coordinating everything that it made it well worth the trip. It made our first organized trail ride and first CTC a wonderful experience. Both of us had one of our best times together on this ride. Blue finished out his long weekend with his favorite treat…a full-body massage 🙂

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